Barry Ashworth | バリー アシュワース
'Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible.'

Ephemeral state

Extraordinary photographs are often derived from exceptionally ordinary objects, events, places and times. Imagery depicting ephemeral visions, decicive moments, existing only time for a fleeting moment and in the creators mind until they become lasting reality.

Since we can only view photographs in these singular time frames they each represent a unique compression of a segment of what was. They are another's perception, existing only as a representation to be vicariously observed in the present and obsorbed and redifined by the viewers own perconceptions. In this context, images present non-quantifiable perceptions that cannot be possessed, mastered, or commanded.

Furthermore, the time and conditions of the photographs creation are in the past, compounding difficults in reproduction outside of there present state, there defining moment. Through this synthesis, photography excels in the creation of tactile memoriers that unveil the true essence of man or nature. The observer and the space act as a function of time, the photographs synergy draws on the viewers preconceptions to reveal the creation, its ambiguousness, fluidity and ephemeral state.

The selection of photographs shown on this site represent a small portion of my expansive body of work. Over my extensive career I have photographed in excess of 36 countries and have works in numerous public and private collections.


1968 年オーストラリア生まれ 国際的に広告写真を手がけている写真家、バリー アシュワース。 オーストラリア、グリフィス大学にて芸術学部(写真家)学士号を取得後、洗練された斬新な  イメージ、デザインを革新し続けることに情熱を注いでいる。 彼のポートフォリオは、長年において、彼の思い続けているビジョンが実現化されたものであり、常に課題としている「自然の理に受け継がれていく物の美しさ」を 表現する事に成功している。また近年、北海道で撮りためた写真においては、自然の美しさと厳しさが表現されている。さらにオーストラリアの大自然、そこで働く人々の写真、西と東の美しさが影響しあい融合された風景写真は、彼の写真技術の高さを表している。
バリーの業績は国際的にも評価され Time life, Black & white, BBC News, New York Times, Reuters and AP news services をはじめとするいくつかのメジャーな出版誌、世界数多くの個展  ギャラリーにて紹介されている。

Barry Ashworth is a professional commercial photographer, visual artist and designer with many years national and international experience. Since completing his masters degree in Visual Arts (Photography) at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, he has focused his energies on, and built a reputation for making and providing imaginative, innovative and technically polished images and designs.
His portfolio reflects his depth of visual understanding, awareness in design and the natural beauty inherent in his subjects, while remaining true to the realisation of his vision. This combined with his technical experience has resulted in his ability to work successfully within a wide range of genres. His work has also been featured in most National and International publications such as Time life, Black & white, BBC News, New York Times, Reuters and AP news services. He also has shown works and is in collections in many major Exhibitions and Galleries though out the world.